Is a Food Truck Wedding Right For You?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and with that comes a lot of planning. At times, we know this process can be overwhelming and even stressful. This is why we try to make our wedding catering process something fun & enjoyable rather than an added stress.

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The Box Street Social for Corporate Catering

Beep! Beep! That dang alarm. It’s Monday morning, time for work. Welcome to the work week, it has missed you. You know what else has missed you? That Subway sandwich that has become the staple of corporate office fare. Have you missed it though? Of course not. You want variety, you want to eat something delicious, something that appeals to your sensually developed palate. Our suggestion: take us, The Box Street Social, up on our offer to cater your next corporate shindig. Corporate catering, you have met your match!

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Get To Know Daniel Trevino

At The Box Street Social, there is no I, there is only we. The creation, execution and future of The Box Street Social is all a result of team work. A strong and essential member of this team work is restaurateur, Daniel Trevino. His role as part owner and entrepreneur is crucial for the everyday activities of The Box Street Social. So, lets learn more about this important and awesome guy!

About Daniel Trevino

At the age of 13, Daniel Trevino and his family found growth, opportunity and success in the city of San Antonio. It was within this time frame that Daniel was exposed to the restaurant industry. His father worked as a manager at a local restaurant and would teach his sons how to do well within the business. At first, Daniel felt that the culinary field wasn’t for him.

Daniel’s education was received at Clark High School and Texas State University where he double majored in Mass Communication Marketing and Spanish. His first desire was to be on TV and broadcasting on Spanish stations. Luckily, Daniel’s brother contacted him in 2006 with dreams of opening a restaurant in Harlingen, Texas. Of course, Daniel answered to his brothers calling and together, with dad’s help, they opened La Playa Mexican Café.

This was the “ah ha!” moment for Daniel Trevino. This was his passion. This is what he loved to do. From that moment on, he moved in to the restaurant industry as a professional restaurateur. He felt importance not only for himself but the community around the eatery to bring the best service and food to that culture.

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Daniel Trevino and Edward Garcia III

In 2013 Daniel moved Downtown to be closer to the culinary transformation starting in the heart of San Antonio. There, he joined a gym and met this cool guy named Edward Garcia III, and they instantly became friends. Once they found out that they both shared enthusiasm for the culinary field, an idea was formed to open a restaurant together. Daniel provided the managerial, financial, and operations experience while Edward provided the talent and chef driven fare; it was destined to become a success.

The creation of The Box Street Social started out as an idea. Kinda like, “hey, we should do this one day.” But Daniel decided that the one day would come soon enough after he saw Edward’s magic at a Sunday Social event. The Sunday Socials were tastings that Chef Edward would host to share his talent with close friends and family. But Daniel saw this as an opportunity. Edward had the ability to serve a mass quantity of people all by himself without losing the flavor or quality of his food. As a culinary professional, Daniel saw this as a rare talent and knew that The Box Street Social was ready to go.

The two men became the perfect dynamic, like Kanye and Kanye. They both have the drive to ensure that The Box Street Social is not only successful in the present but also the future. When we asked Daniel what his favorite meal from The Box Street Social he stated that this week it was the Pulled Pork Avocado, but before that it was the Thai Chili Wings, and before that it was the Fish Tacos.

Of course though, this power couple is ready for the future. Currently, the team of The Box Street Social is searching for the perfect building for a storefront. This is a very careful process. Both, Edward and Daniel, have high expectations and requirements for this location. The Box Street Social restaurant must be in a location that reflects the qualities of community, culture and food.

Celebrate Our Two Year Anniversary at Sunday Social

Hey Box Street followers! It’s that time again, our anniversary. For two years we’ve provided San Antonio, and its surrounding cities, with the best food truck and catering service. But all of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you. We know, it sounds super cliché, but it’s very true. So to celebrate our two year anniversary, lets look back at what got us here today.

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