Is a Food Truck Wedding Right For You?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and with that comes a lot of planning. At times, we know this process can be overwhelming and even stressful. This is why we try to make our wedding catering process something fun & enjoyable rather than an added stress.

At our initial tasting, we will discuss what you and your fiancé envision for your wedding day meal. You can choose from one of our menus, or we can create a custom one for you. We will also discuss how you would like to have the meal served. We offer a variety of options from knife and fork, to live station, to food truck.

Food Truck weddings are becoming more an more common, especially here in Texas, where outdoor weddings are all the rage. Are you wondering if a food truck wedding is for you? Well here are a few good reasons to go that route.

Food Truck Wedding Perks

1. Cost Effective (Yes, we did the math): This hurts to acknowledge, but here we go: the average cost of an American wedding is $26,720. Ouch. That’s a lot of money! Most of the cost is swallowed by the venue and location; however, a good deal is spent on the feeding of guests – family, friends, and plus ones. With the average amount of guests totaling at 178 it can get rather pricey. A food truck wedding may be for you. Food trucks, which can typically accommodate anywhere of 100 to 175 people, offer a budget-friendly option.

2. Made to Order (Fresher than Fresh): While there is a certain convenience when it comes to pre-made, there is no denying that hot, deliciously prepared, fresh food has a certain appeal – namely that is cooked on site! The Box Street Social does this. We offer both a food truck and mobile kitchen to so we can cook just about anywhere.

3. The Great Outdoors (Texas heat and all): What can we say – we love the outdoors! Now we know it’s San Antonio and it’s hot, but that doesn’t seem to stop many local brides from opting for an outdoor wedding. Celebrate your happiest day outside, with the fresh air, delightful breeze, and delicious food provided by yours truly.

What The Box Street Social Has to Offer

Now you might be wondering what makes us a local favorite and so special. Well, first and foremost, we strive to create the best food in San Antonio. Our method is simple: fresh produce, simple recipes, happy guests. We make food we like to eat – simple, clean, and oh so delectable. If chosen for your food truck wedding, The Box Street Social will endeavor to win a place in your heart forevermore. And we will do so by making the best food that has crossed your lips! Don’t believe us? Book us for a consultation by clicking here.