The food truck industry has evolved in the San Antonio community, and Edward Garcia has watched it flourish. Now, he’s taking it to the next level.

Growing up in San Antonio, Edward knows all too well the flavors, colors and flair that make our community special. He attended De Zavala Elementary School, Tafolla Middle School and Lanier High School. After graduating in 1999, he took classes at Palo Alto College for a year before following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a Marine.

Since cooking was a hobby Edward enjoyed, he started making meals for his fellow Marines between training and missions. When he wasn’t in the heat of a kitchen, he was literally in the heat of a fire as a firefighter. He loved both, but a TV ad for Le Cordon Bleu helped him pick the one he wanted most.

After finishing his military service, he came home and started classes at the Texas Culinary Academy in Austin. He graduated and worked as a sous chef before returning home to work at Azúcar under Chef René Fernandez and later at Ruta Maya coffeehouse owned by Catarina Velásquez. 

He couldn’t completely let his passion for firefighting go, so he took some additional college courses and landed a contract job in northern Iraq. After a couple of more adventures in Europe and Seattle, he returned to cooking with a job at the Waldorf Astoria until Velásquez reached out to him about working at the coffeehouse.

While he was gone, the coffeehouse went through a renovation, becoming a nonprofit program and offering computers for young people and families to use. Edward came home to meet the kids and parents at Guadalupe Street Coffee and didn’t look back.

His passion for teaching kids also led him to found Pedal Power, a cinematic event during which volunteers pedal bicycles that are locked into a dock to power a small generator connected to a projector by an extension cord. Pedal Power has been going strong for nearly two years, so Edward was ready to start his next endeavor.

Now, he has combined his culinary experience with an entrepreneurial spirit to found Box Street Social, a truck that brings food, culture and community together.