Chef Edward Garcia, III

Growing up on the west side of San Antonio, Edward knows all too well the flavors, colors and flair that make our community special. He takes pride in incorporating these unique flavors into simple yet delicious meals.

Chef Edward’s love for cooking began during his stint in the Marines as a Firefighter. When he wasn’t in the heat of a fire, he was literally in the heat of the kitchen cooking up meals for his fellow Marines. After his service, he attended Texas Culinary Academy in Austin. Upon graduation he took a job as a sous chef before returning to San Antonio to work under Chef René Fernandez at Azúcar, and later at Ruta Maya coffeehouse owned by Catarina Velásquez.

In Chef Edward’s spare time he is passionate about giving back to his local community. In the past, he has ran and participated in several non-profit organizations including Guadalupe Street Coffee and Pedal Power. Today, he frequently gives back with his food, donating his time cooking for non-profit fundraisers.

Daniel Trevino

The great city of San Antonio has been the home of owner and entrepreneur Daniel Trevino since he was 13 years old. His family found San Antonio as a city of opportunity, growth, and culinary innovation. Daniel was introduced to the restaurant industry by his father at a young age and reinforced by his brother in 2006 as they opened their first restaurant together, La Playa Mexican Café.

Daniel used this experience and pursued his newly found passion to become a restaurateur. With a double major in Mass Communication and Spanish from Texas State University, Daniel wasn’t expecting his career to be a professional in the restaurant industry. He knew it was his calling and answered quickly.

In 2013 Daniel moved Downtown to be closer to the culinary transformation starting in the heart of San Antonio. There, he joined a gym and met this cool guy named Edward Garcia III, and they instantly became friends. Once they found out that they both shared enthusiasm for the culinary field, an idea was formed to open a restaurant together. Daniel provided the managerial, financial, and operations experience while Edward provided the talent and chef driven fare; it was destined to become a success.

The Future of The Box Street Social

Daniel and Edward are both looking to the future of The Box Street Social, and together they have decided to invest in a Brick and Mortar storefront. But, they both know that this location has to be perfect. This location must fit the culture of The Box Street Social, and emphasize the important qualities of community, culture and food.